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The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM of Russia) is a federal government agency responsible for development and implementation of the national policy, regulations, surveillance and control in civil defence, protection of population and territories from natural and man-made emergencies, and fire and water safety.
The main tasks of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia are:
1) elaboration and fulfillment of the state policy in the field of civil defence, protection of  the population and territories against emergencies, provision of fire safety and safety of people on water bodies within the competence of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia;
2) organization of preparation and approval of drafts of regulative and legal acts in the field of civil defence protection of  the population and territories against emergencies, provision of fire safety and safety of people on water bodies in accordance with the established order;
3) management of the field of civil defence, protection of  the population and territories against emergencies, provision of fire safety and safety of people on water bodies, as well as management of activity of federal executive authorities within the framework of the Single State Disaster Management System
4) legal regulation in an effort to prevent, forecast and mitigate the consequences of  emergencies and fires, as well as introduction of special, permissive, supervisory and control functions in matters related to the competence of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia;
5) organization of activities and carrying out of efforts in the matters related to the civil defence, emergency response to emergencies, protection of the population and territories against emergency situations and fires, provision of safety of people on water bodies, as well as carrying out of emergency humanitarian response operations, including operations abroad of the Russian Federation.

Federal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz) is a Federal Executive Body, executing functions of state property administration and telecommunication and postal state services rendering, including construction, development and utilization of communication networks, satellite systems, TV and radio broadcasting systems.
Rossvyaz is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

The DMR Association is a global organization whose purpose is to maximize the benefit for users of DMR by removing barriers to interoperability and supporting innovation and adoption of the standard via the creation of new devices and services.

Its  mission is to ensure that PMR buyers of today’s digital radio technology gain ongoing value through a healthy competition and choice derived from an open, multi-vendor value chain.

The main activities of the DMR Association are:

  • Interoperability certification of DMR products
  • Development of new features
  • Contributions to ETSI for the enhancement of the DMR Standard
  • Information & Promotion

Established in 2005 as the DMR-MOU Association to support ETSI during the DMR standardization process, the DMR  Association today counts 125 Members.

The TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA), was established in December 1994 (known then as the TETRA MoU Association) to create a forum to act on behalf of all parties interested in TETRA technology, representing users, manufacturers, application providers, integrators, operators, test houses and telecom agencies. Today the TCCA represents more than 160 organizations from all continents of the world, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment. The TCCA believes in the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of common standards and harmonized spectrum. The TCCA continues to support and promote the use of TETRA technology and is driving industry synergy in the development of future mobile broadband capability for the users and providers of critical communications.
For more information please visit http://www.tandcca.com

Joint Stock Company «GLONASS» is an operator of the Government automated information system «ERA-GLONASS». The system is aimed at mitigating severity of road accident consequences due to reduction of time that is required to transmit emergency calls regarding road accidents and other accidents on Russian roads to the relevant emergency response services and implementation of navigation and information technologies in the Russian Federation.

The mission of the Joint Stock Company «GLONASS» is as follows:

  • to carry out government aims in increasing road safety and decreasing number of fatalities caused by road accidents;
  • to build innovative navigation and information environment in order to increase quality and accessibility of transport services for people and economy of the Russian Federation;
  • to develop advanced services and facilities that use GLONASS technologies on domestic and foreign markets.

International Telecommunications  Academy (MAC) is an international organization. It is a voluntary public association of academics, outstanding managers and highly skilled professionals. Co-operation is based on common professional interests, theoretical and practical issues in infocommunication development (Infocommunication = information + telecommunications (communication).

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)was established in 2006.The Association's objective is to create a civilized information society, which will have its own legal system and the codes of professional activities that are to be accepted by both the users and the companies operating on the Internet.One of the key goals of the Association is to set up a dialogue between the state and the IT-companies.RAEC is actively involved in the solutions of socially important objectives aimed at the development of the information society in Russia and enhancing the image of Russia as of the responsible member of the global information community.

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