T-Systems is a strategic division of Deutsche Telekom, one of the leaders in the field of information and telecommunications services in the B2B segment. The greatest expertise T-Systems is in industries such as automotive, energy, transportation, oil and gas. T-Systems has offices in 25 countries and approximately 47,600 professionals worldwide. T-Systems is a provider of comprehensive services and technology products. The company's range of services is broad and diverse, ranging from consulting, design, development, implementation and integration, and to managing the lifecycle of applications and hosting. The company well-known as a reliable supplier of integrated solutions for enterprise networks, high security data centers, as well as a unique cloud-based ecosystem, consisting of standard platforms and global partnerships. T-Systems CIS operating on the Russian market since 1995 and provides comprehensive system integration solutions, telecommunications and cloud services, but also offers services for the development and support of software. The company has accumulated considerable experience in the Russian market. T-Systems solutions combines German reliability and relevance of the Russian customers' needs. For more information visit: http://www.t-systems.ru

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