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Federal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz) is a Federal Executive Body, executing functions of state property administration and telecommunication and postal state services rendering, including construction, development and utilization of communication networks, satellite systems, TV and radio broadcasting systems.
Rossvyaz is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation

Association of Regional Telecom Operators (ARTO) is one of leading Russian associations of telecom market players and was founded in February 1995 (former name Association-800). ARTO is a non-commercial association of companies created for the purpose of coordination of business activities, representation and protection of general property interests of its members in the sphere of communications. Today the association unites 30 companies which are engaged in development and operation of mobile and fixed-line networks in RF and CIS countries. Primary goals of ARTO are assistance to regional operators in business and networks development, assistance in interaction with communications administration. ARTO effectively defends interests of regional operators, contributes to creation of liberal telecommunication environment and fair competition, pursues the policy of implementation of technical and economical integration of participants of communication development process on the territory of RF and CIS countries. ARTO cooperates closely with other specialized associations and alliances, participates in works on implementation of new technologies and services.

The Association of Human Resources Advisers (AHRA) – the leading expert community in the sphere of human resources in Russia and the CIS. Association of human resources advisers – the non-profit organization uniting professional participants of the HR market. The association was founded in 1996. The main purpose of AKPP is forming and development of the civilized market of HR services. By means of professional activity of members of AKPP the important problems connected with employment of the population and increase of business performance of the companies clients are solved.

Non-profit organization "The National Association of house communications and information networks " (NADIKS) was established on 14 April 2003. The main objective of the Association is to develop and implement a consistent set of activities related to the creation, improvement and long-term development of information and communication brownies multi-service networks and computer clubs in the city of Moscow. http://nadiks.ru/about/

НП «Ассоциация Профессиональных Бухгалтеров Содружество» (НП АБС) объединяет на условиях членства организации и специалистов научной и практической сферы, специализирующихся в области бухгалтерского учета, МСФО, налогообложения, финансов, финансового контроля и др.

НП АБС осуществляет свою деятельность на принципах саморегулирования профессии и берет истоки своей деятельности еще с 1989 г. в то время работающая, как МОО АБиАС. Кстати, наша историческая справка http://npabs.ru/index/istorija_sozdanija/0-14

Члены НП АБС - это организации лидеры отраслей, а также специалисты с большим опытом работы, носители бесценных знаний в области бухгалтерского учета, МСФО, права, оценки и консалтинга.

Члены НП АБС обладают высокими стандартами качества, предоставляют профессиональные услуги по разработанным НП АБС стандартам и внедряют эффективные бизнес - решения на предприятиях.

НП АБС содействует предприятиям в подборе высококлассных специалистов и осуществляет контроль осуществляемой ими профессиональной деятельности.

НП АБС также содействует специалистам в приобретении ими специальных знаний, обеспечивает дальнейшее их методологическое обеспечение.

Дополнительная информация: www.npabs.ru. Звоните  +7 (495) 544-78-66 или пишите ваши вопросы: info@npabs.ru


“Association of designers, manufactures and users of equipment and applications based on Global Navigation Satellite systems “GLONASS/GNSS – Forum” unites more than 60 leading Russian state and commercial enterprises, scientific and educational institutes engaged in GLONASS development, manufactures of satellite equipment (applications) and satellite navigation technology users. The main goals of Association are – coordinates activities of its members engaged in development, production and commercial use of GLONASS-based equipment and applications; analyses and selects GLONASS development priorities on the territory of Russian Federation; participates in government policy-making in the field of GLONASS commercial use; cooperates with Russian and foreign partners to enhance the investment appeal, material and technical resources and scientific expertise of enterprises. The Association management is realized by: General meeting of members, Board of Association, Chief executive officer.

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