The Business Forum “Everything as a Service – New opportunities for operators and IT companies in digital transformation era” was organized by COMNEWS and held on 25 November 2016.

The Forum “Everything as a Service” was endorsed by the International Telecommunications Academy (MAC), non-profit organization “The National Association of house communications and information networks” (NADIKS) and the Russian National Association of Strategic Outsourcing (ASTRA). The official hotel of the forum was Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya.

The business forum’s partner was OJSC MTT, and the coffee break sponsor was Bosch Group.

The participants of the first session focused on the transformation of business models and new opportunities for digital business. Digital signage and the offline power of online tools were described by Sergey Galeev, CEO, AddReality. An overview of billing tools in online advertising was provided by Alexey Mukhin, Director of Development, R-broker. Konstantin Shadrin, Founder, Blooms & Roses, spoke about “supersonic” flower delivery service, and Renat Nazmutdinov, CEO, Pravovoz, – about the new format of providing legal assistance. The presentations were followed by a discussion, where the speakers were joined by Alexander Smorgonsky, Director of Business Development Department, MTT, and Evgeniya Dvorskaya, CEO, JungleJobs. The key topics included the changing business models during the creation of digital environment: the absence or extremely low number of intermediaries, the prevalence of intangible assets and the decreasing importance of tangible assets, effective independent asset management, etc.; the role and place of new-economy companies in the market; raising the efficiency of independent asset management in the digital reality; how sharing economy changes the production volume and consumption system; the availability of ICT infrastructure for the new economy; business environment simplification for digital companies with widespread IoT deployment; new-economy companies’ requirements for high-speed data transfer and short delays.

The second session was dedicated to new IT technologies and solutions offered by telecom companies to new-economy companies.  The moderator of the session was Maria Piterskaya, Commercial Director, WEBO Group (Ayri.rf). Alexey Rubtsov, Head of Sales Department, MTT, explained how to create a service using MTT’s API functions. The speech “Safety on the cloud base” was delivered by Alexey Lukatckiy, Security Business Consultant, Cisco Systems. Nikolay Matsievsky, President, WEBO Group (Ayri.rf), spoke about the prediction of anomaly in the business with the help of neural networks. Natalya Dremina, Head of Department, Bosch Service Solutions, Bosch, told the audience about the responsibility transfer for unified services provider. The presentation about communication 3.0 was made by Igor Ermakov, Director of Instant Messaging Unit, Mail.Ru Group, the speech “1C in the cloud. Benefits of the service model. The way of the Russian vendor” – by Ruslan Zhilyaev, Head of cloud computing, 1C-Rarus.

The topic of the third session was “Technology Tools Used by New-Economy Companies”. This session was chaired by Anton Salov, Expert of Organizing Committee, Russian Cloud Computing Professional Association (RCCPA). The speech “Auto Repair market on the threshold of aggregation. Example of T-Tronic platform” was made by Daria Donetskaya, Director of Corporate Communications, T-Tronic, the speech about the innovative Russian carsharing – by Valery Korobeynikov, Project Manager, CAR5. Maxim Osorin, General Director, Revolta Engineering, described AllGateKeeper – a cloud service for parking and access control. Andrey Kuprikov,

Technical Director, NTS (YouDrive), spoke about the Moscow carsharing service YouDrive. The session concluded with a discussion about technology tools used by new-economy companies. The participants discussed such key issues as technology platform for new-economy companies, its specific features and practical use; various methods to apply technologies efficiently (BIM, PLM, CAD, IoT, Smart City, BIG DATA and others); using various platforms to raise the efficiency of business process automation and the automation of open source solutions for digital companies; tools for storing and processing petabytes of data efficiently.

The guests of the forum pointed out that the event was well-organized, provided useful content for practical application and brought together established professionals and experts.

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