Dear ladies & gentlemen!
Information and publishing ComNews Group is delighted to invite you and your colleagues to take part in a major industry event – Federal Forum Smart Cars & Roads  – Digital Transformation of “Vehicle – Road” Ecosystem in the Russian Federation.
Date and venue: November 30, 2017, Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel (26/1 Tverskaya Str., Moscow)
It is the first Russian business platform to discuss artificial intelligence in motor vehicles and smart transport systems, which is essentially the same topical area, but until now it has always been brought up separately at different conferences in Russia. 
Smart Cars & Roads will provide a unique platform to discuss and exchange experiences related to IT in transport, including innovative technologies and new approaches to the implementation of IT projects bringing together the industry, developers and the government. 
Smart Cars & Roads 2017 is:
• More than 200 participants
• Endorsed by leading industry associations and unions
• Focused on topical issues around the cooperation between IT and innovation departments of Russian road enterprises, car makers and transport companies in the new digital economy
• Busy agenda featuring renowned experts from the business community
• Excellent networking opportunities
Key topics of the Forum:
  • Government initiatives in IT and innovations for road management and automotive industries
  • Specifics and approaches to vehicle-road interaction. Legal and technical platform to exchange data in the “vehicle-road” ecosystem
  • Telecom and IT infrastructure for federal highways and toll roads
  • Smart traffic systems
  • New technologies of the Internet of Things (NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox, Ingenu, “Strizh”) to address the new tasks of the automotive industry. Approaches to the national IoT standard in Russia
  • Outlook for 5G wireless networks for smart transport systems. 4,5G/Pre5G technologies to help enhance road traffic safety
  • Approaches to the standards of equipping motor vehicles with special wireless modules
  • Toll road operators, communication service providers and IT companies joining efforts to create smart transport systems in Russia
  • Transport telematics growth factors
  • ERA-GLONASS operability assurance on toll, federal and other roads
  • Digital services for drivers and transport (car-sharing, truck-sharing)
  • From cars with elements of AI to self-driving transport
  • New challenges for the automotive industry: How IT can help car-makers in the new business environment
  • Cloud solutions for smart transport
Forum audience: IT and innovation departments of car-making companies; toll road operators, regulatory authorities, government and development agencies; top managers of Russian and international telecom operators; domestic developers of IT solutions, software, telecom equipment and automatic control systems; manufacturers of equipment/solutions for IoT; developers of wireless systems; top managers of integrator companies; heads of Russian offices of foreign vendors; business and industry media; industry experts and analysts.
This event will not only give you an insight into the topical issues of innovative development and practical experience shared by experts of the country’s transport eco-system, but also get specific and proven tools to develop your business. 
See you at the forum!
Yours faithfully,
Nadezhda Shikunova,
Conference Producer
Tel.: +7 (495) 933-5483; +7 (967) 136-2260;

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