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Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive authority, which provides public services and administers the state vehicles and roads property, including recording of motorways, and provides state services related to transport safety in this area.

The Association «Autonet» is the first Association in the Russian Federation for the development of autonomous, connected and electric transport and services based on technologies and scientific developments in this area. The Association aims to consolidate a new market of autonomous, connected and electric vehicles and to develop proposals for adapting the regulatory framework for the harmonious introduction of new technologies in the economic and social life of the Russian Federation, taking into account international experience. The Association includes the major players in the automotive market, industry research institutions and organizations.

“Digital Age Transportation” Association - Association for the Development of Digital Transport Technologies.

The goals of the Association are to bring together suppliers of solutions in the sphere of ICTs, intellectual transport systems and local solutions aimed at better safety of transport infrastructure, management of transport services, and provision of services in the sphere of transport infrastructure; to cooperate with the bodies of government in constituent regions of the Russian Federation with the goal of assisting in introducing intellectual transport systems in Russian constituent regions; to consolidate efforts of the business community and the state to develop digital technologies on transport.

Work principles of the Association:

  • promotion of ITS on the basis of the unified package of standards;
  • promotion of ITS across Russian regions;
  • applied character of problems and issues essential to the Association’s development strategy;
  • project method of Association’s operations;
  • educational component.

Lines of the Association’s activities:

  • working with constituent regions of Russia;
  • normative and regulatory activities;
  • universities and HR;
  • creation of a systematic database of knowledge and solutions in the ITS sector;
  • implementation of the concept “Mobility as a service” (MaaS);
  • testing of various solutions;
  • international activities.


Joint Stock Company «GLONASS» is an operator of the Government automated information system «ERA-GLONASS». The system is aimed at mitigating severity of road accident consequences due to reduction of time that is required to transmit emergency calls regarding road accidents and other accidents on Russian roads to the relevant emergency response services and implementation of navigation and information technologies in the Russian Federation.

The mission of the Joint Stock Company «GLONASS» is as follows:

  • to carry out government aims in increasing road safety and decreasing number of fatalities caused by road accidents;
  • to build innovative navigation and information environment in order to increase quality and accessibility of transport services for people and economy of the Russian Federation;
  • to develop advanced services and facilities that use GLONASS technologies on domestic and foreign markets.

SUE "MosgortransNIIproekt" is a multidisciplinary research and design institute dealing with the problems of improving the operation and development of urban transport in the city of Moscow and other regions. Design infrastructure for urban land passenger transport. Development and implementation of intelligence traffic management systems, road traffic management projects, mobility improvement, landscaping and other measures aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment.

Russian Engineering Union is the largest organization of the federal scale, uniting Russian companies, holdings and corporations in order to defend the interests of the domestic machine-building complex and high-tech industry in State government bodies, civil society institutions and in the international level.
Russian Engineering Union forms a strategy for the development of the machine-building industry and the military-industrial complex. It participates in the development of mechanisms for an active state policy on the modernization and development of the national machine-building complex. 
Russian Engineering Union consists of more than thousand corporations, holdings, vertically-integrated structures of the largest Russians manufacturers, as also Institutions of Higher Education, engineering centers, IT and financial structures. More than 100 thousand people have membership cards of the organization. Organizational work on the assistance in solving the problems of the development of the vehicle manufacturing, aerospace, aviation and radio-electronic industries, also shipbuilding, machine-tool manufacture, military-industrial complex and other industry sectors are carried out by 21 profile committees and 12 commissions. Russian Engineering Union is headed by Sergei Chemezov, General Director of the State Corporation Rostek.

Internet of things association (IOTAS) is Russian non commercial, non governmental organization 
created in December 2016. 
Our mission is to increase the life quality of citizens by introduction of IoT technology in private, business, governmental, educational and municipal levels. 
Association carries the membership for all interested parties, who share our values. 
IOTAS has a horizontal structure built on the basement of multiple connections between interested parties. 
We are not focused on any particular vertical technology, but rather trying to connect members, startups, state institutions, regulators, educational entities, industrial standards via our open expert platform.

NAMI Russian State Scientific Research Center (FSUE "NAMI") is a state-of-the-art research and development experimental center of studies, design, engineering, pilot production, testing and certification of vehicles.

NAMI participates in development of draft Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, as well as national and international standards, coordination of activity of experts of the Russian Federation in working parties of the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee, assessment of compliance of wheeled vehicles and their components, etc.

NAMI develops the vehicles with remote and autonomous control and intelligent control systems, including the following:

  • elements of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including radars, cameras, comprehensive solutions (recognition of objects and road signs, vehicle systems control, etc.);
  • SHATL intrafacility autonomous electrically driven vehicle;
  •  concepts and elements of driverless transport system for passenger and cargo transportation.

NAMI's key partners are the largest Russian automobile enterprises KAMAZ PTC, AVTOVAZ PTC, UAZ LLC, GAZ Group, as well as the world automobile engineering leaders AVL, Bosch, Porsche, etc.

Official website: www.nami.ru

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