Welcoming address for participants of The Federal Forum “Smart Cars & Roads  – Digital Transformation of “Vehicle – Road” Ecosystem in the Russian Federation” November 30th 2017, Moscow

Dear colleagues,                                                          

I am glad to welcome you on behalf of SUE “MosgortransNIIproekt” and on my own behalf on the The Federal Forum “Smart Cars & Roads  – Digital Transformation of “Vehicle – Road” Ecosystem in the Russian Federation”.

Transport is a wonderful world. And I am very glad that I and everyone here are involved in it. After all, what other sphere of human life has so consistently and efficiently respond to discoveries and technological know-how.

Several millennia ago, a man tired of walking, and he began to ride on animals to travel and move from one point to another without spending their own strength and getting to destination faster. One of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind is the wheel, it literally opened to man the possibility to mechanize its operation. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this discovery for the transport sector. Then came the carriages, the cars, the traffic lights and navigators. All this allowed to increase the speed and ease of movement of people in space.

However, no matter how fast people moves in space, the basic principle of driving is the same as in those days, when he reached the place, driving the animals. And now we live in a time when the usual triangle "car-human-road" is destroyed. The emergence of unmanned vehicles will change the very philosophy of the movement, because people no longer have to operate a vehicle. We all become just passengers and pedestrians.

But in fact, unmanned vehicles for us it's not really future, because the infrastructure to support them, we are preparing today. The world is accelerating, and transport should follow his example. Future , which is discusses by the humanity now, is moving at high speeds, for example, using technology hyperloop. This technology is a bright example of the transformation of the transport ecosystem in the "vehicle-road".

But, of course, no one can realize such a big project alone. I am sure that the Federal forum "Smart Cars & Roads – digital transformation ecosystem "car-road" in the Russian Federation" will be the platform that is necessary for all participants to share their experience and obtain feedback. I wish you all productive work!

With respect
CEO of SUE “MosgortransNIIproekT”


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